VCT produces cards for every application: Banking, Telecom, Smart Cards, Contactless Cards, Identification, Retail, Loyalty, Direct Mail and other card applications. VCT offers complete fulfillment services and turkey solutions such as Chip Personalization, Embossing, Encoding, Photo Personalization, Thermal Printing, Inkjet, Indent Printing and Mailing.

VCT's client list includes the most prestigious banks and telecom companies in countries extending from Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. The facility in India has a production capability of over 300 million cards per year, that positions VCT as one amongst the largest card manufacturers in South East Asia.

VCT is the only company in the Indian subcontinent approved to manufacture and personalize MasterCard and VISA cards. These certifying organizations demand strict compliance to rigorous security and quality standards. At all stages of the card manufacturing process, security is considered paramount to safeguard both the product and the information required to manufacture it.

With proven expertise and in-depth understanding of the Asian market, Versatile Card Technology makes its reputation as a value-leader, through technical achievements and product innovation. At VCT, technology and quality are inseparable, adding value to your products at a competitive price.

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